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In 1940, a man and his son planted a vineyard with 16 columns and 46 rows of young wine grape. Today the same wine grapes, with the help of the sun, the water, the earth and the wind are still giving us their treasure, their precious fruits. Round, smooth, blue like the lake and yellow like the golden leaves in autumn, our grapes are transformed into red wine, using the same techniques and tools that were used many years ago.

It is a process that needs patience, knowledge and attention with one goal - taste of pure elixir for the body and the soul. We call it „Тивка ноќ„ which means Silent night, inspired of the its color, dark and deep, and the best time to enjoy it, in a silent summer night under the stars.

More than 70 years we are making it from the same wine grapes that the man and his son planted, my father and grandfather. Made with love.

Cheers / Наздравјe

Branko Gjorsheski

Owner and General manager
B&S Apartments


B&S Apartments

Slavej Planina 42

6000 Ohrid, Macedonia


T: 00 389 71 23 12 87

E: [email protected]


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